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Water Treatment Services You Can Trust in Mid & Southeast Michigan

Home water quality translates to healthier families and cleaner dishes, sinks, showers, appliances, and more. Unfortunately, all homes don’t have pure drinking water available from the faucets. No one wants to waste money on water bottles, let alone spend time going to buy them then lugging them into their home. With the right home water treatment system installed by seasoned professionals, safe, pure water can be available for your family.

Who wants to hear a long sales pitch? Skip to the essential parts of planning for your new water treatment system when you work with 1st Choice Water Solutions. Get a FREE Water Analysis in 15 minutes WITHOUT a sales pitch. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we know what homeowners like you need in their water treatment systems. Enjoy drinking water with the quality you can taste (or not taste!) when you choose us to repair or install your water treatment system.

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We Service Areas From Mid Michigan to Southeast Michigan

  • Lapeer County
  • Genesee County
  • Oakland County
  • Livingston County
  • Shiawassee County
  • Clinton County
  • Gratiot County
  • Ingham County
  • Calhoun County
  • Jackson County
  • Hillsdale County
  • Branch County
  • Lenawee County

Protect Your Family & Your Home

We help identify and fix dangerous or annoying issues with your home's water supply

Know Your Water

Rusty Water

Seeing reddish water come out of your facets? That rusty water may have iron in it.

Smelly Water

Who wants to drink smelly water? When your water has an odor, something has gone wrong.

Hard Water Spots

Make cleaning easier and rid your dishes of any residue your water leaves behind by handling your hard water spot issues.

Scale Build Up

Mineral deposits collect on your showerhead, faucets, sinks, and other places. Control scale build-up to prevent future problems.

Water Contaminants

From lead and chemicals to pesticides and fertilizers, there are several contaminants that make it into home drinking water.

Bad Tasting Water

Good water has no taste to it. Noticing any hints of bad flavoring you don't want in your mouth?

Arsenic Testing

Does your drinking water have safe levels of arsenic? Professional testing may be necessary to identify your risk of arsenic poisoning.

We Are Helping Michigan Homeowners
Solve Their Water Problems Everyday

They were very prompt and professional! The rep that came out was friendly and very attentive to my needs. He was informative, gave me a lot of information about the company and what they could do for me. I was well pleased with the service.
Deborah H.
John was great sales person. He new what was wrong before the water test . Even though we had an install issue that has been completely resolved, he went above and beyond the call of duty to put a smile on our face. Best part of all, he periodically keeps in contact to make sure we are still happy.
Nathaniel A.
We have always had hard water that has left stains in our toilets and bath tubs which took hours to clean. 1st Choice Water Solutions did an excellent job, the owner really knows what he is talking about. We no longer have any stains or issues. Best it has ever been!
Steve S.
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Got Salt?

We Make Water Softener Salt Pick Up and Delivery Easy from our offices in Holly and Lansing.

We service nearly all of Mid and Southeast Michigan from our offices in Holly and Lansing, MI. Salt is one of the key ingredients for your water softener to function. Salt is what allows the water softener to strip dissolved hard minerals from your water. Don't worry about trying to find salt for your home water softener. 1st Choice Water Solutions is here to provide you with all the salt your home system will ever need!


Stay Informed About the Latest Water Treatment News

We stay on top of the latest news and changes in home water treatment regulations to serve you best.
Read the most important articles on home water treatment here.


Areas We Serve

Proudly Serving Mid and Southeastern Michigan

Located in Holly and Lansing, MI, 1st Choice Water Solutions is proud to service all of Mid and Southeastern Michigan. Whether you live 20-minutes or 2 hours away, our experienced professionals are readily available to provide you with top-notch service and quality results. Learn more about how 1st Choice can service your area.

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Worried About Arsenic & Lead?

Drinking your daily amount of water is a necessary part of living a healthy life. However, the benefits of drinking water go away with too much arsenic and lead in it. Arsenic in your home drinking water can lead to severe health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers.

No matter your age, lead can cause issues. For children lead poisoning can lead to behavioral issues, learning challenges, and stunted growth. Adults with lead poisoning may experience higher blood pressure and memory issues. A quality water treatment system can help remove harmful minerals and chemicals from your drinking water.

More About Water Contaminants