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Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy cleaner, filtered home water
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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for Your Mid & SE Michigan Home

Clear Your Home’s Water of Harmful Impurities and Contaminants

Drinking Water Systems starting at $499

  • 3 different models to choose from
  • Includes standard installation

A reverse osmosis drinking water system is the most sophisticated water filtration system on the market. Reverse osmosis systems are the only water filters advanced enough to eliminate up to 99% of all water impurities from your water supply.

Before you learn about reverse osmosis, you should know what osmosis is in the first place. Osmosis is a scientific process where molecules of a concentrated solvent pass through a semipermeable membrane (AKA a filter) to a less concentrated solution, thus equalizing both sides. Reverse osmosis takes this process and does exactly what it says–reverses it. Instead of two solvents becoming equally concentrated, a reverse osmosis filter uses your home's water pressure to push impurities to one side only, leaving you with pure, clean water.

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Drinking Water Systems in Mid & SE MI | 1st Choice Water Solutions - DRINKING-WATER3

The 1st Choice Water Solutions Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System has four stages to remove minerals, contaminants, and other impurities from your drinking water. The stages include a prefilter, a membrane, and a postfilter, all housed in a single cartridge. The fourth stage is an in-line carbon filter placed between the tank and faucet to get any remaining sediments out of your water.

With the reverse osmosis system, you won't just receive clean, fresh-tasting drinking water, you'll also be saving money and helping to protect the environment with 50% less water going down the drain. If you're ready to live in a home with clean, delicious drinking water, take advantage of 1st Choice Water Solutions' 30 years of experience in Holly and Lansing, MI to provide you with a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Avoid an unnecessarily long sales pitch and get a FREE Water Analysis in 15 minutes when you call our team today at (888) 359-1355. We'll install a reverse osmosis system to get you on the path to cleaner hydration.

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