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Ensuring that your home or business premises are served by safe water is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and/or employees. Likewise, it can be a key step toward keeping various physical assets in good health. Therefore, understanding water filtration and the various water purification solutions at your disposal should be a priority. 

After all, not all filters are the same. Finding the best match for your requirements is vital. While this is an issue that 1st Choice Water Solutions water filtration experts in Mid & Southeast Michigan can guide you through, a little knowledge on water purification will serve you well. Here’s what you need to know.

Water Softeners

Many Michigan properties have hard water, which is water containing high levels of calcium and magnesium. While technically safe to drink, the minerals can subsequently cause eczema and skin irritations. It will additionally leave limescale deposits, block pipes, and damage appliances. This can cost a lot of money in-home repairs and even bigger expenses for warehouse managers and businesses where lots of pipework and appliances are used.

Hard water occurs when it is allowed to percolate through limestone, chalk, or gypsum deposits. Water softening filters use internal beads to complete an ion exchange, eliminating calcium and magnesium deposits. It will then leave you with far tastier water while also reducing the damage to pipes or appliances. 

Iron & Sulfur Filters

Iron and sulfur deposits are often quite easy to spot as they turn the water rusty or visibly brown. Furthermore, the water is likely to have a distinctly bad taste while egg-like smells are another common symptom. An iron and sulfur water purification system will remove all of those issues for odorless and great-tasting water. Both homeowners and businesses can additionally benefit from the fact it eradicates the threat of mineral deposits on appliances.

This includes maintaining cleaner and more efficient machinery, as well as toilets and bathtubs. 1st Choice Water Solutions can install a new water filtration system or fix your existing system. There are three main types to consider, which are;


A backwash filter will look like a softener but the water purification tool works differently. It includes a special tank that is stocked with filter media to capture the minerals and impurities. Water enters through the top of the backwash, and the purified water is allowed to pass through the bottom while the impurities are held by the filter media. 

Once the media is full with iron or sulfur, the self-cleaning tool will then push water up from the bottom so that the hard water and minerals can pass back through the top via a control valve. It’s an ideal low-maintenance device.

Air Injected (AIO)

An AIO water filter is very common for water in wells. Air is injected into the water line before going through a tall filter tank to separate a mineral sediment from the pure water. Like a backwash, it will clean itself periodically to remove the sediment. It is a system most commonly used to treat iron minerals within the hard water.

However, magnesium and sulfur can be treated too. This option can be very useful in warehouses, but homeowners may not enjoy it because it can leave appliances like showers to spit hot water due to the build-up of air.

Chemical Feed Filtration

Chemical feed filtration is another popular choice for commercial application, as it is tailored to the requirements of the appliance. It can be used for water treatment, wastewater, and a host of other purposes such as neutralizing acidic water. A dose of chemicals will be injected into the water, stream, or gas.

This is almost never needed for homeowners, but Mid & Southeast Michigan working in warehousing, food processing, and any situation where chemicals are used can benefit from this choice for hard water treatment.

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Even when you know about the different water filtration systems, it’s always best to ask an experienced professional about your residential or commercial needs. Our certified experts have helped thousands of people like you throughout Michigan and would love to get your hard water problems under control too.

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